Bright Scholar Won Tencent's "2019 Comprehensive Impact Benchmark Education Group Award"


On November 27, 2019, the “Back to China” Annual Education Gala of Tencent Education was held in Beijing. Bright Scholar won "2019 Comprehensive

Impact Benchmark Education Group Award".

The event themed "Smart Education, Looking to the Future",  invited well-known education experts, leaders of outstanding educational institutions,

outstanding scholars, educational research institutions, educational media people and others to come together to exchange the major achievements of

China's education reform, explore practical experience in education innovation for artificial intelligence and digitalization, and predict the future

development prospects of intelligent education.

Since  its launch in 2007, Tencent Education Festival has been held for 12 consecutive years. The group has a wide range of influence and authority

within the industry. It has become a considerable influence within the industry. The annual education list selection included netizens, experts, and the

media's comprehensive opinions. The competition assesses the strength of each organization by assessing the organizations corporate reputation,

brand influence, innovation ability and many other factors.

At the event, Cheng Jinsheng, Vice President of Bright Scholar Education Group, was promoted as a guest of Tencent Live, and received an exclusive

interview to reveal the development history and status quo of Bright Scholar, high-quality curriculum exploration and future development direction.

In the 1990s, when Chinese private education was just beginning, President Yang Guoqiang founded Guangdong Country Garden School. Shortly after its establishment,

the school introduced the IB International Baccalaureate program and took the lead in setting up a unique school path through international education. In May 2017, Bright

Scholar went public in the United States, becoming one of the largest K12 education groups in China.  

After listing, Bright Scholar broke through with a more than 20 years of "education and real estate" model. Capital education and now Bright Scholar have gradually extended

the establishment of training, study abroad, job hunting, study camps, science and technology education and other business sectors.  

In recent years, the global pace of the layout of Bright Scholar has accelerated. With the acquisition of British education group CATS Colleges and several UK monomer schools, Bright Scholar has accumulated and enhanced the international school experience and provided students with quality educational resources around the world.  

Bright Scholar has 25 years' school history. Bright Scholar has grown from the first school founded in 1994 to more than 100 schools and more than 10 educational service

companies worldwide. Today, Bright Scholar has nearly 50,000 students and more than 10,000 employees worldwide. It can be said that Bright Scholar has established an international school-running pattern and more perfect educational ecological circle.

The quality of education is indeed a  lifeline, since the beginning of the school; we pay close attention to teaching. In terms of curriculum construction, we have gone through

the course of developing quality education, establishing three-level courses of "basic subject courses, comprehensive competency courses and personality specialty courses."

We have developed courses that are in line with ourown international perspective.  

As a pioneer of China's internationaleducation, Bright Scholar gradually introduced global high-quality courses.Since 2001, Bright Scholar has been exploring international

education, and has  also come out of a road of international education characteristics. As the first Chinese school to introduce three projects, IBPYP, IBM YP and IBDP, Bright Scholar has actively integrated global resources and introduced the A-Level courses at Cambridge University and the AP courses of the American University Council.  

In 2018, Bright Scholar set up the Faculty of Education, through the organization of the group's high-quality classevaluation every semester and other ways to  continuously

improve the level ofclassroom education. Bright Scholar also worked hand in hand with the Ministryof Education to develop curriculum and teaching materials, and become are search institution under the guidance of state-level authoritative experts,and constantly improve the level of running schools. In addition, Bright Scholar also explores the core

quality 5C school curriculum, STEAM education course, garden school characteristic innovation and so on.  

Bright Scholar empowers teachers with global resources. Recently, Bright Scholar set up the Boshi University Alliance, and Beijing Normal University, South China Normal

University, Jinan University, Southwest University and more than a dozen universities in China, to create high-quality teachers. In addition, Bright Scholar has struck

strategic cooperation with The University of Northern University, UCL and the University of California, Berkeley, in the direction of the development of teacher talents to

create outstanding international curriculum teachers.

Bright Scholar does not deliberately pursue the pursuit of becoming an industry benchmark. As the founder of Guangdong Country Garden School founder, Yang Guoqiang

said, "Teaching and educating people is more brilliant than the sun. We want to train more pillars to contribute to the country and all of society." This is the founder's first


Since its first school was established 25years ago, Bright Scholar's initial heart unchanged, still adhering to China's basic education, to establish a shining example, for the

great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to cultivating more talents. In the process of moving towards this goal, Bright Scholar will continue to adhere to the innovation exploration.

At present, Bright Scholar has acquired more than a dozen schools overseas. In the future, we will continue to invest in overseas schools, build global schools, form a world

learning center, so that Chinese education becomes forefront in the world.


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Bright Scholar Won Tencent's "2019 Comprehensive Impact Benchmark Education Group Award"

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